Pyramid of Numbers

Tertiary Consumers(Fourth Trophic Level) - Bears, lynx, cougars,wolves,etc. (100 per 10 square miles)

Secondary Consumers (Third Trophic Level) - mink, marten, beaver, river otter, blue grouse,salmon, etc. (500 per square 10 miles)

Primary consumers (Second Trophic Level) - snowshoe hare, black tailed deer, elk, woodland caribou, mountain goat, etc. (800 per square 10 miles)

Producers (First Trophic Level) - western cedar, western hemlock, amabilis, mountain hemlock, yellow cedar, sedge, lichen, etc. (5000 per square 10 miles)

Pyramid of Biomass


Tertiary Consumers - cougars, bears, lynx, wolves, etc

Secondary Consumers - mink, marten, beaver, river otter, blue grouse, salmon, etc.

Primary consumers - snowshoe hare, woodland caribou, elk, mountain goat, black tailed deer, etc.

Producers - western hemlock, mountain hemlock, western cedar, amabilis, sedge, lichen, yellow cedar, etc.

Pyramid of Energy Flow